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La Bon Beans & Coffee A Fresh Brewed Experience

Nestled in the heart of India’s burgeoning coffee scene is the coffee roastery ‘La Bon Beans & Coffee’. With an unwavering dedication to freshness, we champion a roast-to-ship model, ensuring that each bean reaching you is at its peak of flavor and aroma.

Our operation is steered by a trio of coffee connoisseurs, each bringing over 12 years of individual experience to the table. Their collective expertise is a symphony of passion and rigorous training. Individually, they have amassed an array of specialized certifications in the coffee domain, including the coveted CQI “Q grader” for both Arabica and Robusta, as well as the SCA “Barista and Sensory skills”.

At La Bon Beans & Coffee, it’s not merely about enjoying a cup; it’s about embarking on an aromatic odyssey. Every brew promises a burst of aroma and taste, a testament to the dedication and mastery that goes into each roasting batch. Our commitment? Ensuring your home-brewed coffee is unparalleled in its essence and zest. So, embark on this delectable voyage with us, one cup at a time. And how can we achive it? By delivering freshly roasted coffee, each time, every time.

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