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From smooth and balanced to vibrantly bold, find your new favorite roast amongst our bestsellers.


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Lose yourself to a world of exceptional coffee experiences. We meticulously source high-quality beans such as Pure Arabica and Robusta, each boasting unique flavor profiles. The Specialty coffee, roasted to perfection right before it ships to your door, unlocks a symphony of aromas and tastes with every sip.

That’s the La Bon difference! We’re not just about a quick caffeine fix; La Bon invites you on an aromatic odyssey. With every sip, you’ll experience the culmination of expertise and passion poured into each batch.



What goes behind your specialty sips?

Vihit Khanna, an IITian with a knack for engineering, and Sakshi Khanna, a spirited law graduate, a 30 years old couple decided to take the roads less traveled to find for something more profound than the corporate climb. They envisioned a life where their passions fueled their work, and their work sparked a broader change. This shared vision led them to the aromatic world of coffee. They saw the coffee industry not just as a business opportunity, but as a chance to marry their skills with their love for quality and sustainability.


Distinctive Blends, Exceptional Taste
Dive into the world of exclusive brews with our Specialty Coffee selection—curated flavors from India’s finest estates, roasted to perfection for the connoisseur’s palate.


Crafted Freshness, Batch by Batch
Freshness in every cup from meticulously roasted small batches, ensuring peak aroma and flavor with every brew.


Experience Your Beans Journey
Experience the transparency of our craft with live roasting sessions—watch as your beans are transformed into perfection.


Simplicity Brews Here
La Bon brings the art of easy brewing to your fingertips. Delight in the simplicity of crafting the perfect cup, no fancy equipment needed. Just a chhanni provides pure coffee joy.

Hear from other Happy Sippers

 I’m thoroughly impressed! The flavor is rich and aromatic, providing the perfect start to my day. The packaging was excellent, ensuring the beans stayed fresh. You can watch live roasting of your coffee beans which ensures the quality and the correct roast for you perfect brew.

Devansh Bhatt

 The best brew I ever had. It tastes natural unlike other instant coffee’s. The aroma of the coffee is natural and pleasant. And I loved the aftertaste of brew. Also the packaging of the coffee is really steady and good.

Shreya S.

 I’ve bought all brands of coffee, Davidoff, Nescafe Gold, you name it. By far, this is the most amazing coffee I’ve had, and I’m not just talking about the value for money (that’s just wayyyy too good), but the quality, aroma and flavor is the best.

Bhavna Singh

Your La Bon Experience Awaits

Step into a haven for coffee lovers. Explore your nearest Experience Center where we offer you a multi-sensory journey through the world of La Bon, from bean to cup.